Alexandra Ovendal

When Swedish artist Alexandra Ovendahl (born 1971),  as a kid put her school bag in the hallway, she used to be met by the scent from her  father’s oil paints.

He was an artist and from early years Alexandra decided that she herself would have a creative profession. She started out as a professional film worker and  travelling became an integral part of her life. For a period, she also was involved in the fashion industry. If it started out as pure relaxation or homesick, she does not know herself. But during voyages Alexandra took up painting again. The familiar smell of oil and acrylic made her feel at home, wherever she was.

Painting was also a nice contrast to the film work frames and strict hierarchies. As autodidact she felt free to ignore the many rules of visual art and instead allow herself to be driven by lust and intuition.

The formats are usually large, sometimes several meters. She combines oil, acrylic, watercolor and photography. The colors and expressions are generally strong and uncompromising. In her art you can spot the eye of a filmmaker. Faces and interesting characters are the focus.

The motifs are frozen scenes – where viewers always are forced to wait for the next clip. Common to many of Alexandra Ovendahls art is a sad undertone – a faint whiff of melancholy.


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